Cover your bases and hedge your cattle with National Livestock!

We want to help you manage your risk in the cattle market. We offer both future based and option based forward pricing and require no initial margin requirement and no margin calls. Help us take the confusion out of hedging and the worry out of marketing your cattle.

Mechanics of the Program

  • You decide whether to use an underlying price based on futures, put on option strike price, option fence or a combination of all three.
  • You get to determine contract month pricing.
  • National Livestock posts all initial margin requirements and additional margin requirements if necessary or the total cost of options.
  • National Livestock charges a $60 fee per contract when the hedge transaction is initiated and $60 fee at the conclusion of the hedge transaction.

Your Obligations

  • Tell us where the cattle are located and describe your cattle.
  • Determine the approximate number of head to be forward contracted.
  • Select the contract month(s) that fit your operation.

Need more information? Kurtis is your guy!

Kurtis Ward