Yesterday Gov. Kevin Stitt held a press conference to shed light on the state’s current supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). Click here to view Governor Stitt’s press conference:

Here are a few highlights from the press conference, along with several other updates:

  1. Gov. Stitt said he is “cautiously optimistic” that the rate of people being hospitalized from COVID-19 symptoms is starting to flatten in Oklahoma. Last week 560 Oklahomans were hospitalized with COVID-19. Yesterday there were 407.
  2. There are 958 ICU beds in the state and almost 2,000 ventilators.
  3. The state has purchased millions worth of personal protective equipment from all over the world and has a system in place to distribute those materials to first responders. This includes about 4 million pairs of gloves, 173,000 face shields and goggles, about 900,000 masks, and 110,000 respirators.
  4. Confirmed cases in Oklahoma have reached 1,472.
  5. There have been 67 deaths in Oklahoma as result of COVID-19.

Information regarding essential status for businesses can be found here:


Here is a link to the OK Dept. of Health’s website that is updated daily with current information on COVID-19: