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Buying Cattle

National Feeder Service is an order buying service owned and operated by National Livestock Commission Association. National Feeder Service can purchase an order to your specifications.

Call 800-999-8998 to speak with a buying professional, or email us today at to learn more.

Selling Cattle

National Livestock Commission Association specializes in selling cattle. The time proven auction method is at the heart of the NLCA program. Sales occur weekly on Monday and Tuesday at the historic Oklahoma National Stockyards located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The marketing professionals at National can assist you in selling your cows, bulls, calves or yearlings. National continues to be the market leader in auction sales at Oklahoma City.

Value Added Programs

At the Oklahoma National Stockyards, each commission firm can sell cattle that are on value added programs. National Livestock can sell cattle that are on any certain vaccination program and that program will be announced in the ring.

Below are links to some vaccination programs:

If your cattle are not on any certain vaccination program, please click this link and fill out the form

For any more information or questions: 1-800-999-8998
David Lawson 405-823-2148
Scott McCornack 405-664-1489