Greg Williams has two passions in life: his family and raising stocker cattle. Lucky for Greg, his business has the two working in tandem.

For the Williams Ranch, their goal aligns with those of many stocker operations — to produce high-quality cattle and gain the largest margin possible. Similar to other operators, the biggest challenge is input cost, but for Greg Williams and his family, the biggest opportunity lies within the land.

Headquartered in Afton, Oklahoma, Greg runs a 3,000-head stocker operation on 800 acres with his wife, Stasha and their 3 daughters. The land holds extra value to Greg due to it being previously owned and utilized by his grandfather. When Greg and Stasha made the move and purchased the land, National Livestock was there to lend a hand.

Greg was introduced to National Livestock during his time spent with Express Ranches, when a neighbor told him he should talk about selling the calves he was raising on the side with National. When he eventually purchased his own ranch, the same neighbor introduced him to the Grazing Program and the rest is history.

Greg’s relationship with National? He described it as heaven-sent. He compares it to going to a bank, except you’re working with cattlemen instead of a board of directors. From your loan officers to your inspectors — they’re all from within the cattle industry.

Greg says the best thing about working with people in the cattle industry is that they understand the cattle industry — they understand not every set of cattle is going to make money, but they still want to work with you to help earn it back on the next set.

The Williams family’s end goal is to grow large enough to be able to create three different operations for his three girls so they can run their own cattle someday. For now, Greg and Stasha enjoy getting to share this life with their kids.

National Livestock Grazing Agreement:

The National Livestock Grazing Agreement provides an alternative structure for the source of grazing cattle. The flexibility of the program allows producers to maximize the use of their land and facility.

National pays for the original purchase of the cattle delivered to the grazer. Interest will accrue from the date of purchase. A processing and inspection fee of $6.72 per head will be charged by National at the time of purchase and added to the cost of the livestock.
While the cattle are in the care of the grazer, he is responsible for the pasture, feed, health, and all other aspects concerning the care of the cattle.

National will inspect cattle on 60-90 day intervals and will require the grazer to submit a monthly inventory of all National cattle on hand. National requires all cattle to be branded with National’s brand and will provide an ear tag with National Livestock’s contact information as well as the name and phone number of the grazer.
When the cattle are sold, the proceeds of the sale are remitted to National. After the original purchase price of the cattle, the accrued interest, the processing and inspection fee have been deducted, the grazer receives the balance of the proceeds.
For more information, call 1-800-999-8998 or contact Scott McCornack at or Jessica Webster at